Data that Means Business
For Insightful Decision Making

Pulse Cloud™

Delivers enlightening business intelligence to your
SCADA’s raw data – for truly informed decision
making that redefines leveraged ROI.

Unlocking the Secrets to Success with
Business Intelligence

SCADA meets Business Intelligence for optimal uptime with results-driven automation, while you see a new vision of your business’ operational efficiency with intelligent insights of integrated, analyzed raw SCADA and business data, fueling smarter, stronger, cost-effective decision making.
Watch your SCADA’s analyzed data generate transformative KPIs that drive improved business and operational performance. Plus gain all the flexibility and accessibility of the cloud securely storing precious information that can drive results, extend business continuity and growth, all with the power of knowledge.

Transforming Data Into Smarter Decisions
With a Scalable Cloud-based Solution

Pulse Cloud™ is the perfect fit for small to large enterprise organizations looking to leverage their understanding of operations. With the versatility, scalability and flexibility of cloud technology storing, processing and presenting analyzed SCADA and multi-sourced data for smarter decisions, our solution offers meaningful insight to all.
We don’t just develop SCADA that means business. We provide solutions like Pulse Cloud™ that leverage the value of your collected raw operational data. In analyzing it, our solution allows you to understand every operational success and setback, with no challenge too big for our pulse to process – pun intended. Pulse Cloud™ – analytics that mean business, with a touch of intelligence

The Benefits of Pulse Cloud
in a Nutshell

What’s In it for Your Business?

Turning Data From SCADA & Other Sources
Into Valuable Insight

Our agile cloud environment is your doorway to data-driven decision making that makes sense.
Pulse Cloud™’s powerhouse analytics algorithms and machine learning technology process everything from financial to operational data gathered from internal or external sources. A rich database of analyzed insights are stored, processed and presented for users safely in the cloud.

Reveal valuable insights from historical and real-time raw SCADA data collected, as Pulse Cloud™ empowers users with critical information that helps identify and envision the right steps to make impactful business decisions – smarter, better, faster, and with our intelligence on your side.

Accessible Insight & Predictive Analytics:
Wiser Decision Making For the Future With Data

Pulse Cloud™’s powerhouse analytics engages users with actionable, precise information from multiple internal and/or external sources, for a holistic vision of your business today and tomorrow.

With predictive analysis, projections and forecasted probabilities, business goals become achievements. Next steps and actions are based on statistics and metrics, as viewing historical and real-time data in parallel provides a new, deeper and more accurate understanding of setbacks and steps to progress. Discover necessary measures to be taken with knowledge supporting each step using Pulse Cloud™‘s predictive insights and analytics.

See Your Business From a New Angle:
Visuals & Dashboards Break Down Data

Pulse Cloud™ colorfully visualizes the statistics that provide users and key decisionmakers with a truly transparent vision of business and operations from end to end, integrating graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, and vast options blending data for comparison and predictive analysis visually.

Operational and corporate challenges and successes are made visually easy to process, with a sleek look and feel to our user-friendly and customizable dashboards. Tailored to your needs with predefined conditions producing key metrics, valuable insights are derived and broken down visually, with dashboards based on data analysis and concrete statistics.

Past, Present & Future Data Blended:
The Bigger Picture of Your Business

With Pulse Cloud raw and processed, historical, real-time and predictive data can all come together visually in one dashboard for side by side comparison and analysis. Evaluating the latest data parallel to historical data and projections is simplified and accessible with just a few clicks, while processing it with our dashboards makes for a truly enlightening user experience.

Understanding if applied actions to previous decisions transpire into measurable success, and how to make current decisions with insight is now a cost-effective and safe process in our cloud-based environment.

Our Cloud Has You & Your Data Covered
Safe & Sound

Get Big Picture Insight With Data
Instantly Import, Analyze & Store It Safely

Imagine the freedom to acquire game-changing info, effortlessly imported from a blend of internal and external data sources and other Pulse products, all analyzed in real-time. Add instantly accessible reports, dashboards, and visuals of KPIs and metrics that make sense of your data to the picture, all stored safely, and you’ve got a powerful cloud-based analytics solution called Pulse CloudTM.

Nope. You’re not floating on a cloud, but you are reading about our advanced cloud-based technology that offers all of the above and so much more, with no effort required on your end – simple, easy and yours out of the box. Just log in to Pulse CloudTM and get your journey started.

One Solution, Endless Data Sources, Infinite Depth
Centralized & Streamlined Data Analysis

Deep data analysis and drilldowns of collected info best provide a holistic view of business when considering and blending rich data sources – internal, external, web-based, files, and the list goes on.  Investigate every aspect of business’ data & gain a world of understanding.

Pulse CloudTM  offers genuine depth of insight, analyzing data from ERP, CRM and Helpdesk solutions, to software targeted at your industry and vertical, business scale, size and niche. We understand the value that multi-sourced data analysis provides.

Seeing is Believing: We Visualize Intelligence
You Gain Data-Driven Insight, KPIs, Dashboards

Business Intelligence is a vital asset to organizations in diverse sectors, industrial, corporate, SMBs and enterprises. Understanding operations from end to end with data has become a critical learning tool to leverage business performance – and it works. But complex data can be made even easier to process when visualized and in reports.

See your business operations and corporate growth from a new standpoint. Watch your data come alive in dashboards with graphic representation of insights that can truly make or break business. The choice is yours: understand your business with stunning visuals, presentation, reports and easy access to all resources, or stay in the dark. Let our cloud enlighten you.  Pulse CloudTM  has it all.

Prioritizing Our Customers’ Needs & Niches
Drilldowns of Industry Standards & Your Data

Pulse CloudTM deepens the investigative journey to understanding your business, getting as specific as drilling down into industry standards and vertical benchmarks side by side with your data and statistics. Look at your analyzed data in reference to today’s latest market and industry levels and leaders, and understand your success and metrics relative to those in your business arena.

You are in control of your site with our SCADA, but now put yourself in the driver seat with that much more fuel to leverage your progress. Get customized dashboards tailored to your industry, vertical or even departmental and corporate budgetary needs. You make the rules, we deliver the insight.

Look Into the Future of Your Business
Predictive Analytics: Insight That Goes Far

Facing any AI technology and teaching Pulse CloudTM  to collect just the historical data you need to generate a predictive analysis dashboard tailored to your needs is now simple and provides just the right insight for growth.

With the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence and the power of machine learning at its core, Pulse CloudTM can be taught to gather data with precision, analyzing relevant historical data from vast internal and external sources, streamlined into one centralized hub. The cloud-based analytics solution paired with our SCADA amounts to a new learning experience. Predictive analysis dashboards guide decision makers with analysis of overhead and budgets, optimizing processes like planning business calendars, financial goals, and going as far as leveraging ROI. Gain operational efficiency with indicators for projected maintenance times, all with one cost-effective solution

Double the Power, One Dashboard
Bridging Past & Future Performance With Data

While it can be startling to look at real-time numbers versus last year’s, last month’s, or last week’s, the truth is comparing historical and the latest metrics can drive change for the better. Monitoring business performance and progress, leveraging ROI, and understanding how to fill in the gaps of business are all top priorities of any CEO or C-level executive.

Pulse CloudTM gives users the opportunity to view relevant historical insights in parallel to real-time and even predictive performance indicators. With an agile collection of reporting tools, Pulse Cloud’sTM dashboards display historical, real-time and predictive insights in one visual space. Gain all the value of seeing into the past, present and future of your business and know your next move with the guidance of data, centralized in one glance.

Get Insightful Reports Wherever, Whenever
Delivering Intelligence Digitally & To Mobile

Duty calls and business can mean travel, working remotely, or being in operating rooms when you need information the most. Those moments that require optimal response times, immediate insight and the accurate information to make quick and smart decisions can be critical to operational uptime and ensuring business success.

Get data at your fingertips when and where you need it, delivered with Pulse CloudTM. Automate push reports and dashboards to be sent via email, WhatsApp, SMS and other digital communication channels. Now all the data and insight you need is yours – any time or place you need it.