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pulse CxO

Pulse CxO – a cloud-based service aimed to serve your organization’s management and CxO level. Pulse CxO integrates data from Pulse Operation with ERP and financial data, to provide Business Intelligence (BI) including real-time performance analysis, alerts based on irregularity trends, comparison of administrative and operational metrics, and more.

Pulse CxO offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based forecasting algorithms for energy consumptions and for preventing equipment malfunctions and lowering downtime costs, optimization recommendations and more – making your organization more efficient and service oriented.

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Using Pulse CxO can help you:

  • cut the building’s energy usage and costs by 30%.
  • gain preventive detection of equipment malfunctions and cut 50% of the building’s equipment downtime cost.
  • improve the building’s asset utilization by 15%
    by optimizing the realization of the building areas while identifying areas with low utilization.

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