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SCADA That Means Business

Integrated Data & Intelligence Driving Smart Decisions

Automated Operational Control

Data-Driven Decision Making for Building Commuities of Businesses Worldwide with SCADA & Business intelligence

Scalable Solutions for Digital Transformation

From Business & Technology Experts with Over 30 Years in innovative Software

The Big Picture:
Solutions Making a Difference That Counts

Gain Full Control & Infinite
Insight of Operations
SCADA & Data Drive Business

SCADA meets Business Intelligence for optimal uptime with results-driven automation, while you see a new vision of your business’ operational efficiency with intelligent insights of integrated, analyzed raw SCADA and business data, fueling smarter, stronger, cost-effective decision making.

Opportunities can come once in a lifetime. The value of your growth means everything. Software made by techies with your business at heart. Blend that with the best of solution development meeting entrepreneurship.
Discover the products that bring the vision alive.

Leverage On-Site Control,
Uptime & Productivity
Focus on What Matters

Business as usual isn’t just a phrase s – it’s the drive and reason to make software.

Automate operations, gain a 360-degree view of efficiency, maximize uptime and focus on priorities. Gain operational safety, peace of mind, and a user experience loaded with dashboards & visuals for endless possibilities.

Know Your Business:
Gain Strategic Intelligence
Reach Goals & Grow

Full control of your operations requires more than even the most sophisticated SCADA. Drive real busines growth with cloud-based intelligence processing your raw SCADA data, integrated with financial and business data, for real-time insight & control with analytics. Make precise, informed decisions that count.

With PulseTM products, get SCADA that means business, plus KPIs, metrics and concrete statistics from multi-sourced data, analyzed from internal and external sources for a deep, intricate view of business. Make the right moves to turn goals into achievements.

Three Decades Serving Business
Growth With Innovation
Technology That Fuels Smarter, Safer & Stronger Operations

User-friendly, smart and simple to use solutions delivering a difference that’s measurable to continuity, SCADA paired with analytics are designed for smaller scale to robust industrial operations and niche-specific verticals.
The community of customers adopting it to optimize operational efficiency, uptime, productivity and growth is increasing.

Why SCADA & Data Intelligence?
They Truly Mean Business

SCADA that truly means business, paired with next-gen Business Intelligence technology transform processed integrated data into insights and analytics that fuel smarter, faster, more accurate and insightful decisions.
Operations grow with greater efficiency, uptime, for cost-effective scalability.

The Demand for The Solution is Clear
Make The Obvious Move: Leverage Business ROI

With SCADA and Data that mean business, gain insights to guide reducing cost while increasing ROI, so evaluating budget allocation is a painless process & with peace of mind.

For tight control and supervision of locations, plus the insight to endless growth & business continuity.

Solutions: Software With Insight & Data
Driving Business Community Growth

Engage & Operate Machines:
The Synoptic View of Operations at Hand

Engaging with machinery is a critical and ongoing task in countless verticals and industries. Operating with accuracy, user-friendly and custom views of machines and equipment, full control of processes, all while maintaining uptime is everyone’s goal. From manufacturers, to machine developers, patent innovators, regulated companies, sensitive operations and a range of niche markets - operating safely, informed, and with 360-degree awareness leverage uptime and growth potential.

With a multidimensional vision of your machine using synoptic views, vivid visualizations in dashboards, and superior user experience and navigation, the HMI solution equips operators with a clear view of workflows and machine protocols in action. Operating all from one centralized HMI solution simplifies handling events and multiple processes. A single dashboard streamlines a vision of overall operations, displaying various machines, and allowing for smooth operations, navigation and inspection of all. Discover the HMI making operations faster, easier and smoother.

SCADA & Industrial Automation
Our SCADA Does the Work
Our BI Solution Evaluates Yours

The demand for industrial automation is growing in diverse industries, from manufacturing, to pharmaceuticals, power plants and a range of regulated industries. With multi-vendor machinery, devices and each component having its own HMI, the SCADA solution automates and controls all production lines and operations, with a centralized and consolidated view of all operations. Add insightful data to the picture with our BI solution and gain a deep understanding of operational cost versus need.

Monitor operational efficiency and gain an enlightening user experience with dashboards that allow you to engage with each HMI in one place, plus synoptic views and endless tools to support smarter decisions that drive business continuity. PulseTM solutions focus on ensuring the latest technology to power optimal performance for industrial operations is always at users’ fingertips. Customer and user experience are a priority as much as ensuring that software is designed and tailored to the growing and everchanging needs of Industry 4.0, all things IOT related, ultimately contributing to development and progress of your business.

Vendor Independence Means One Solution,
A System of Systems

The complexity of bringing countless vendor systems together in one location, or multiple sites is simplified with . a single, robust SCADA solution designed to streamline and centralize supervision and control of all vendors systems. From power consumption, light, electricity, to fire detection, security, and access control systems and the list goes on.

Pair it with cloud-based Business Intelligence solution to assess operational efficiency, and this SCADA really means business.

You make the rules, define the actions to activate triggered automation, defining rules to your every need. Add our cloud-based Business Intelligence tool, and understanding the real cost and overhead for every square foot of space is easily accessible. Real-time reporting gives provides a deep look at expenses, management, maintenance overhead, and consumption cost metrics, while comparing the data to occupancy rates to evaluate allocated budgets.

Manufacturing Execution System
For Efficient Product Line Management

Manufacturing is evolving with technology’s advancements, and maintaining a smart and scalable MES is often foundational to operational efficiency. With every ERP work order produced, the MES allows for scheduled, triggered and automated processing. Machine and production line control are automated with scripts, recipes and workflows with the power of SCADA executing tasks around the clock. Calculated throughput, downtime and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) provide the building blocks for leveraging uptime.

Waste reduction and loss are minimized while the production line gains new levels of success using the power of SCADA’s automation to increase productivity. Projections for how to optimize efficiency, leverage uptime, lower cost and increase ROI sustainably are accessible with analysis of raw data.

Enforcing On-Site & Perimeter Protection
With SCADA & Data

When it comes to secured facilities, university campuses, utility provider plants, operational sites, airports, and ports, too much security is just what’s required. You can never be too safe, whether it comes to on-site security or perimeter protection. The demand for monitoring, controlling and automating security systems is growing as new devices and systems develop and hit the market. PulseTM products ensure all systems perform optimally, helping enforce maximal security. Operators and officers can control multiple devices from one solution, automate and regulate task performance & then evaluate it all with advanced analytics.

The advanced Event Manager of the SCADA guides officers through every step of emergency situations or events, ensuring optimal operational handling, ,response times, and precise action is taken. With rules, triggered actions, and the agility of automation, the SCADA solution generates endless raw data. The cloud-based analytics tool then understands performance & helps make smarter decisions that enforce maximal security.

Optimizing Cost With Smarter Power Consumption
Plus Fully Automated Operations

The market for electrical vehicles is growing and charging stations have become a critical demand – just as much as knowing how to manage them cost-effectively with great value withing infrastructure and power supply parameters. The EVSE solution helps reduce cost and maximize growth, with automation powering charging and supply based on limits and needs.

With fast deployment and a low-cost, high value solution for EVSE infrastructure, gain scalability and flexibility without demanding costly or high-volume infrastructure. Integrate the EVSE management tool to ensure a smooth, cost-effective and user-friendly experience managing charging stations and infrastructures, all in one centralized place. Automation provides peace of mind, as the EVSE solution monitors and controls every step for performance power and optimization.

Products: The Collection for Control & Growth With Data

 Decision-Making At the Heart of Software

Designed to provide reliable, and relevant data-driven insight to the enterprise and operational managers.

  • PulseTM Professional

    SCADA That Means Business

    Operational uptime isn’t something to take for granted, and with SCADA that means business, gain the best of control, monitoring and performance. Identify keyholes of critical insight with the solution collecting raw data, as the vendor-independent SCADA platform automates protocols, processes and offers ultimate connectivity to systems, devices and machines for your operation.

    Learn More
  • PulseTM Enterprise

    SCADA and Data That Mean Business

    All the power of performance, operational drive and efficiency, bundled with the best of breed business intelligence to understand operations from end to end in the multi-site and mission-critical enterprise.

    The Business Intelligence solution processes SCADA, business and financial data, with KPIs, metrics and assessments displayed in dashboards loaded with critical guidance to grow cost-effectively.  Controlling, monitoring and assessing operations of multiple sites or locations, this is SCADA and data that mean business – in the enterprise.

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Professional Services

Built on our unique expertise, our Professional Services cover everything from consulting, system analysis and design, to development, implementation, training and support.

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Our Solutions In Action

Lowering Cost & Leveraging Safety of Hospitals & Healthcare with SCADA & Data

Hospitals manage facilities with the SCADA platform, providing the foundation for a BMS that drives safer and cost-effective operations. The solution supports machinery for life-saving treatments, alongside processes and procedures specific to healthcare facility operations. Bring the cloud-based analytics solution into the picture, and understand how to create the optimized healthcare facility with insight.
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Brick Manufacturing
Digital Transformation Drives Productivity & Growth

Some things never change while others never stop evolving. Construction still demands low-tech products like bricks, while the technologies to manufacture them are constantly developing and advancing. The vertical employs the SCADA solution to connect to multiple vendor systems of machinery and devices of production lines. Processes are automated for productivity and efficiency, with analytics deepening the big picture vision of business.
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Border Control
Maximizing National Security
With Control & Intelligence

Neighboring countries can pose a diverse range of concerns and potential threats to nations across the globe. The reasons for optimizing border control and national security are both complex and growing. With SCADA and Business Intelligence, border control can be further enforced with automation powering security systems, deterring intruders by notifying border control forces, dramatically leveraging response times.
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Good things they said about us

disco “When Disco decided to replace their older SCADA systems with PULSE, the implementation process was easy. Upgrading to PULSE from older versions is well supported and requires few resources.”

Devin Ellis Engineering Manager, Disco

Good things they said about us

disco “2 When Disco decided to replace their older SCADA systems with PULSE, the implementation process was easy. Upgrading to PULSE from older versions is well supported and requires few resources.”

Devin Ellis Engineering Manager, Disco

Good things they said about us

disco “3 When Disco decided to replace their older SCADA systems with PULSE, the implementation process was easy. Upgrading to PULSE from older versions is well supported and requires few resources.”

Devin Ellis Engineering Manager, Disco

Good things they said about us

disco “3 When Disco decided to replace their older SCADA systems with PULSE, the implementation process was easy. Upgrading to PULSE from older versions is well supported and requires few resources.”

Devin Ellis Engineering Manager, Disco


End of Support declared for P-CIM™ software

Afcon Software Solutions announces the end of support for the Company's P-CIM™ monitoring and control software, as part of the Company's roadmap for the coming years, including the continued development of the Pulse Suite™ and new advanced products to be launched this year.
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Pulse 5.0 Release

Afcon Software Solutions has recently successfully implemented a number of changes and is engaged in the design and development of its new product line and services. It is in the process of expanding its international and local operations as well.
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Pulse webinar attracted hundreds in Argentina

Nearly 200 industry professionals, engineers and system integrators from Argentina and greater Latin America, participated today in a webinar on advanced automation and Industry 4.0 solutions based on AfconSWS Pulse monitoring, control and data collection software.
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Three Decades Nurturing Business Growth With Control & Data-Driven Solutions

Inspired to help businesses grow, with innovation overcoming the challenges of managing operations and corporate decision making, we’ve dedicated nearly three decades to creating solutions that power steady business continuity with operational control and intelligence. AFCON SWS is a part of AFCON Holdings Group, leaders in innovation of a range of comprehensive solutions for multi-system projects and technologies, with its founding roots established in 1945.

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