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Industrial Intelligence: Brick Manufacturing

While the technologies to support manufacturing and production lines are advancing, some of the products designed and created with innovation are still low-tech – conventional, brick and mortar items – literally.

Brick manufacturing facilities and production lines employ a range of machinery, devices and technologies to generate a quality final product. With every step that’s processed in brick manufacturing production lines, another step is triggered, following a sequential, logical and coded workflow. This may include raw material size reduction, forming and cutting, coating and glazing, firing and cooling, storage and more. The range of machinery, parts and devices can come from a diverse range of vendors, often demanding various vendor systems and technologies. Plus, managing and monitoring the facility requires careful supervision, staff compliance with rules and regulations, and consumes energy, with some sites also being secured with camera and alarm systems. The demand for a SCADA platform for monitoring, automating and controlling production lines is growing, and so too is the need to understand operations in facilities – from staff productivity and engagement with technologies, to technical issues impeding on uptime, throughput rates and overall business performance.

How it Works: PulseTM SCADA for Brick Production Lines, And the Insights That Deliver Growth

Business continuity and growth for the brick manufacturing vertical depend heavily on understanding performance of staff, machinery, and technology, while specifically zoning in on and evaluating factors like technical issues decreasing uptime. Prevention is the name of the game, as facilities are always focused on increasing productivity levels and product quality by reducing accidents, technical issues, and leveraging control and safety of the production line.

Adopting PulseTM to manage and control operations with automation, and pairing it with our cloud-based analytics tool, Pulse CloudTM, production lines can analyze integrated raw data, sourced from PulseTM SCADA, financial and business information systems, gaining a new vision of the business. Our solution based on our SCADA platform automates the production line, with one centralized system offering an HMI for a diverse range of machinery. Combine it with our analytics solution to paint a complete picture of performance from end to end – staff, software, machinery and more. Add those insights to data analyzed regarding business financials, and brick manufacturers gain a comprehensive view of overall business performance, efficiency, losses – all in one dashboard. KPIs, charts, graphs and visuals offer a user-friendly and engaging user experience, with insights visualized to support easy of understanding with every insight Pulse CloudTM produces.

Unique Benefits: Brick Manufacturing with PulseTM

Control Meets Knowledge for Informed Decisions That Drive Growth

Some key benefits PulseTM offers to the manufacturing sector, including, but not limited to:

  • PulseTM SCADA connects to all machines and devices, automating processes with user defined scripts, recipes and workflows, monitoring processes, and triggering alerts based on rules and conditions.
  • PulseTM SCADA’s shift management option monitors employees throughout shifts, allowing for deeper insight on manpower and operational efficiency.
  • Pulse CloudTM calculates the throughput of brick manufacturing, total uptime, productivity rates, malfunctions and all operational processes controlled by PulseTM Brick manufacturers acquire 360-degree performance assessment by analyzing raw, integrated data from our SCADA, alongside business & financial data.
  • Pulse CloudTM guides managers in understanding how to optimize efficiency with the solution’s advanced Business Intelligence. Decision makers can reduce loss, increase productivity, lower manufacturing costs and adapt operations and SCADA automation to leverage overall uptime and performance. The bottom line of the business increases, as insight supports informed decisions that drive progress, growth and business continuity.

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