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Pulse Suite™

Pulse Suite™ by Afcon Software Solutions is a vendor-independent, innovative collection of tightly coupled software tools, designed to provide a set of advanced decision-making tools that focus on presenting available, reliable, and relevant information – for enterprise-level as well as operations-level managers.

Pulse Suite™ is a platform that includes customizable components that enable monitoring, controlling, automating and alerting – as well as collecting, tagging, storing and analyzing data from various sources – whether inside and outside the organization.


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Who Can Benefit from using Pulse Suite™?

Solution Providers

integrators and application development companies looking to combine their knowledge and experience in specific areas (such as building management, production systems management, energy management, etc.) with a powerful and flexible platform – in order to develop complete solutions for end customers.

Equipment Manufacturers

who need software management tools for them or as a complementary product for their customers

End Customers

Usually through solution providers or professional consultants, but also with their own capacity of implementing solutions.

Your Benefits

You will benefit from implementing Pulse Suite™ in your organization mainly by maximizing the performance and profitability, which is achieved by customizing the system to your needs, x data from different sources and areas of your organization (infrastructure, operations, finance, human resources, administration), and by optimizing the use of the enterprise resources that are monitored by Pulse Suite™ tools.


Pulse Suite™ uniqueness, stems from the combination of tools and features that enable a complete and integrative solution for organizations in diverse application and industry areas, and in different volumes of activity from small organizations to huge corporations.

A Unique Combination

Related products and services aimed to provide a decision support solution

to various levels of the organization (from CEOs to Operators)

Fully integrated analytics systems designed to handle information

and create insights and value in specific areas (energy, building management, production management, agriculture systems, fleet management, maintenance management, etc.)

Bridging the gap between management and operational levels

in the organization by bringing information and data to the level which is appropriate to each level

Underlying these features is one key tenet:

Transforming data into knowledge

with reliability and speed

Main Features

On-premise as well as cloud-based solutions.

Broad vendor-independent connectivity and interface capabilities for enterprise systems and devices (such as sensors, controllers, electromechanical systems, production machines, local files, databases, ERP systems, external systems, IoT and IIoT-based devices, cloud based systems, various connected devices whether wired or wireless – and more).

Monitoring, controlling, alerting, collecting, tagging, storing and analyzing data from these sources.

High customization capabilities, allowing adaptation to the organization structure, systems, and hierarchy levels.

Fast installation and deployment capability (using installation wizards, ready-made templates, support for existing systems, device discovery capabilities, and more).

Integration of 3rd party complementary software tools for management and analysis

Advanced cyber protection solutions for connecting over the Internet.

Multi-sites and multi-systems support.

Multi-users and authorization levels support.

Multi-languages and localization support.

Built in internal logging of system use (Audit Trail).

Built in support and training capabilities (Help, Tutorial, Wizards).

The main Pulse Suite™ components

PulseTM Cloud

Analytics That Mean Business No Less

Intelligence is a prime asset in business and operations. The more you know, the more your business can inspire and achieve, learn and grow, and continue to understand its evolution with data. Indeed, it’s data that fuels digital transformational vital to operations, and PulseTM Cloud equips operators and managers with deep insights that drive unmatched business continuity and progress.

The cloud-based analytics solution visualizes every insight, KPI, metric and performance evaluation in sleek dashboards, with options like side by side time and location comparisons of multiple sites, locations and worldwide operations, all in one. Enlighten managers with insightful visions of business for smarter decisions, informed with integrated data analysis.

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PulseTM Cloud

Datos que Significan Negocio –
Para una Toma de Decisiones Inteligente

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PulseTM Enterprise

SCADA and Data That Mean Business

All the power of performance, operational drive and efficiency, bundled with the best of breed business intelligence to understand operations from end to end in the multi-site and mission-critical enterprise.

The Business Intelligence solution processes SCADA, business and financial data, with KPIs, metrics and assessments displayed in dashboards loaded with critical guidance to grow cost-effectively.  Controlling, monitoring and assessing operations of multiple sites or locations, this is SCADA and data that mean business – in the enterprise.

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PulseTM Enterprise

SCADA La Clave de su Negocio

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PulseTM Professional

SCADA That Means Business

Operational uptime isn’t something to take for granted, and with SCADA that means business, gain the best of control, monitoring and performance. Identify keyholes of critical insight with the solution collecting raw data, as the vendor-independent SCADA platform automates protocols, processes and offers ultimate connectivity to systems, devices and machines for your operation.

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PulseTM Professional

SCADA, La Clave para su Empresa

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Among the possible application areas for implementing Pulse Suite™


Smart buildings and campuses management (office buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, government facilities, etc.)

Smart Cities

Access control, Fence perimeter security, Video surveillance, Intrusion detection, Fire detection system

Security and Defense systems

Access control, Fence perimeter security, Video surveillance, Intrusion detection, Fire detection system


Electric vehicle charging systems


Industrial production systems

Energy management systems

Agriculture control systems

And many additional applications and implementations according to market needs

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