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Pulse EV

by Afcon Software Solutions

Software solution designed to provide a solution for managing and controlling Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) such as charging units and related infrastructure

*General Availability planned for Q4/2020

Pulse EV

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What is Electric Vehicle Charging Management
& Why This Is Your Ideal Option?

Designed by Tech & Business Experts to Maximize Efficiency & Reduce Cost

The electric vehicle market is growing, and more and more urban landscapes are providing electric vehicle charging stations, whether in residential units, office buildings, and outdoor and underground parking grounds. In servicing a market that supports sustainable and greener solutions for mobility, it’s only logical that charging units and related infrastructure technology be managed and controlled with a solution that maximizes user experience, service, and reduces cost, energy and electrical consumption.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) management demands a solution with fast deployment, customized and integrated into the infrastructure within specific parameters and dynamically changing electrical power requirements. The EVSE management solution does all of the above, providing a reliable EVSE infrastructure in low volumes and with no costly infrastructure required. For scalable growth and low volume implementation expected to expand, the EVSE management solution offers flexibility for growth, automating protocols, actions, scheduled events and optimizing processes with analytics.

Why You Need It:
The Scalable EVSE Management Solution

Designed for Flexible and Sustainable Growth

Peace of mind is redefined, as vehicles can be plugged into any controlled charging station, and the EVSE management solution automates and controls the entire charging operation within designated electrical power limits.  Operators view all processes with synoptic views, interfacing charging stations and multiple locations within one solution. The Event Manager provides the walk-through guidance of every event that requires handling with specific steps, as operators see the entire operation while zooming in on reoccurring and random events deterring maximal uptime.

Ease of use? The EVSE management solution was designed to ensure operators can interface the device with a user-friendly HMI and easiest of handling.  Monitoring, controlling and interfacing EVSE is simple, requires zero technical training, and provides and intuitive user experience with operative visual aids and guidance. Scalability means the EVSE solution manages everything from one socket, station and vehicle to thousands as the operation grows.

Discover Added Value To EVSE Management & Overhead

Where and When Our EVSE Solution Delivers Cost Reduction & Growth

System integrators designing buildings and parking lot management solutions, along with property and asset management organizations will benefit from the EVSE solution, as automation and analytics drive reduced cost and minimize manpower overhead. Managers or property and asset management companies gain access to all data and increased control of operational flow of multiple or single-site locations in one centralized solution.


The core benefit of offering an EV infrastructure within given power supply limits bypasses the need to invest in costly high-volume infrastructures, saving time, money and resources for EV charging providers and patrons with a scalable, flexible and adaptable solution.

How It Works & The Products Providing Our Leading HMI

Our advanced EVSE solution can be used by diverse commercial and residential operators, based on products like Pulse™ Professional, Pulse™ Enterprise and other Pulse™ products.

For runtime execution on site

For runtime execution on site