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Taking Control of Security with 24/7 Monitoring & Notifications
Stay Aware, Understand Required Actions & Leverage Response Times

Enforcing Security with Real-Time Intelligence & Ultimate Connectivity

What is the Security Management Solution
& Why Is It An Ideal Option?

Designed by Tech & Business Experts

Developed for Maximal On-site & Perimeter Security, Cost-Effectively

The ever changing political, cultural, health and technological changes are dynamic and transformative. It almost seems that too much security is just about enough to ensure academic campuses, utility plants, operational sites, geographical borders, airports and ports gain the precise on-site and perimeter protection required. With technological advancements of devices and systems developing, the demand for monitoring, controlling, and automating security management is growing dramatically.

Most operations require a range of devices, and systems, enforcing security with cameras and DVRs, to intrusion and fire detection systems, gates, access control systems and much more. Managing each requires its own control panel, but operators are often multi-tasking, monitoring multiple systems and rooms at the same time from control rooms. The need for a centralizes system-of-system’s solutions that makes the process more simple, efficient and leverages response times exponentially while providing accurate information is critical. The right security management solution provides automated event management based on predefined conditions, supporting data-driven real-time response.

The Security Management Solution for Faster & Accurate Response

Designed for Ultimate Connectivity, User Experience & Enforcing Safety

With three decades in control management, data collection and analysis servicing operational, industrial security niche markets, this security management solution is developed and designed to provide ultimate user experience and connectivity to a diverse range of equipment, systems and data sources.  Connecting to intrusion and fire detection systems, cameras, DVRS and a variety of sensors, electrical panels and existing control systems and software is simplified, with the security management solution’s built-in connectivity.


Not only can operators receive 24/7 notifications and alerts of events, but they maintain optimal awareness and control and with the solution’s Event Manager blended with customizable display generator. Gain the freedom to monitor and control all systems with unlimited visuals tailored to organization needs, from display screens, to tuners, and dashboards, to required operator level and language. Plus, the Event Manager guides offers through event handling and management with step by step emergency response support, for optimal response times with accurate insight. The solution offers our leading HMI, simple navigation, and custom visual aids for an unmatched user experience, with the rich library of multi-media tools and options providing unique visualization of raw, processed, analyzed or predictive data. With rules, triggered actions, and the agility of automation, the SCADA solution at the foundation of the security management tool generates endless raw data. Add cloud-based analytics to the full package, and understand performance for smarter decision making and maximal security enforcement.

Too Much Security?
Add Cyber Security to the Picture and It’s Just Right

While the advanced security solution core operates on a on-prem service, offline and independent of communication channels and cloud services, some additional modules of the solution can make use of the capabilities and benefits of cloud-based systems, and for this purpose there are advanced cyber protections that combine one-way hardware and software to prevent cyber risks and external access.

Discover Stronger Security & Solution Value

Where and When Automation & Control Leverage Business Continuity

While Pulse security management solution provides all of the flexibility, modularity and constant updates based on technological demand and advancements, some customizable modules are available as add-ons various solution versions offered.


System integrators or security system providers looking to centralize management will benefit from automation and intelligence providing data-driven insight to optimize on-site and perimeter protection.  The variety of development and feature options available creates flexibility and modularity, with this solution suitable for organizations of various sizes and stages of growth. The security management solution allows implementation in stages, with feature and product upgrades at your pace and tailored to every need, for full scalability that’s cost-effective.

How It Works: The Products Providing The SCADA Solution

Security has become a growing concern on-site, online and in sensitive operations that require optimal safety with on-site and perimeter protection. The demand for a robust and smart security management solution is not only growing, it’s dynamically adapting and changing. Afcon SWS developers establish and maintain their position as leaders in the field of automation, intelligence and business continuity, with the security management solution updated to provide the latest features and options, enforcing security for organizations across diverse verticals and markets.

Pulse SCADA provides the foundation for the security management solution, based on products like Pulse Professional, and Pulse Enterprise.

For runtime execution on site

For runtime execution on site