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Built on our unique expertise, our professional services cover everything from consulting, system analysis and design, to development, implementation, training and support.

Our consultants, trainers and engineers’ broad expertise, combined with our collective experience, allows us to deploy today’s complex systems and services with minimum risk.

Our professional services are divided into three main areas:

Customer Success

ensuring that our customers achieve their desired outcomes using our products and services, based on our proactive support teams

Training & e-learning

constantly updated training material, courses, webinars and workshops for customers, integrators, engineers and system designers.

Consulting and Implementing

providing design, development and implementation services, from consulting only to complete turn-key projects.

Your Benefits

Lower risks

Lower risks

Experienced teams – directly from the source, proven tools and knowledge sharing

Faster deployments

Faster deployments

Improve time-to-market (or time to reach operational statues), thanks to tried-and-tested methods and our expertise

Our Services

Customer Success

We provide all the support you need. Our work doesn’t stop when your system is up and running. We believe long-term relationships benefit everyone and it’s our aim to become your trusted partner. For this reason, we offer all the post-sales support and technical advice you need. Our internal training, implementation, integration and automation assure you make the most of your products.

Our Customer Success guidelines:

  1. First – we listen. Its not always obvious but we need to understand YOUR point of view.
  2. Recognize that YOU are special. Your needs, environment, constrains and goals are different from all other customers and sites.
  3. We do our best be proactive and not to wait for problems to occur and escalate.
  4. We want to meet you and know you in person. Relationships and efficient communication make all the difference.


In order to make the best of our products, whether you are and end-user, a system integrator or a designing system architect – you need to understand and master our products. From our experience, better training provides improved performance, improved satisfaction from the products, increased engagement and finally happier customer.

We offer a variety of training services, to ensure that your organization gets the best from our technology. We offer courses, e-leaning programs, workshops and training documents to teach your people how to configure and manage your new systems.

The digital revolution has led to remarkable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, and shared. Online educational courses can be taken at the time depending on your availability and comfort.

Consulting and Implementing

Our professional services team can help with every single stage of implementing your new system, from initial evaluation of the requirements, through to design, migration, transition, delivery and optimization.

This is achieved based on our familiarity with the products, knowing the development roadmap of the products (what’s cooking…) and the tight relations with both business development and R&D functions in our organization.

To ensure everything runs on time and to budget, we also offer project management and project coordination.

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