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Pulse™ MES


Optimizing Performance, Driving Uptime with Digital Transformation
The Ideal Platform for a Manufacturing Execution System

Automation & Analytics Maximize Throughput & Reduce Cost

What is the MES Solution
& Why Is It An Ideal Option?

Designed by Tech & Business Experts

Developed for a Transparent Vision of Operations, Leveraging Uptime & Performance

Reliable and accessible data are the foundation for smart, efficient and cost-effective enterprise management, with processes and activity monitored 24/7. Understanding the entire operation and the elements critical to productivity is paramount to attain transparent insight and vision of everything from production lines, in-house and or corporate management process, patent or production delays, errors, malfunctions and staff activity. While production and manufacturing systems constantly generate real-time raw operational data, collecting it and analyzing it with financial and business data allows operators and C-level executives and managers to make informed decisions, faster and smarter,


With real-time analysis of production and operations, identifying efficiency and effectiveness (OEE) data, depreciation, loss, setup times, downtime and causes is both simple and straightforward, leveraging profitability and reducing production and operational cost.  Acquiring a trace and record of all production processes can often provide the turnkey insight required to bypass and eliminate errors, quality control concerns and to create change for the better for operations overall. Adopting a solution that links to each product, order, Work Order, batch and other critical pieces of information enables tracking of all processes, raw materials, staff activity and the flexibility to look back at historical data as needed.

Why You Need It:

The MES Solution for Improved Quality & Productivity

Designed to Maximize Production, Lower Cost & Optimize Operations Fully

It’s no wonder that the SCADA solution has become the ideal platform and base for a powerhouse MES that reduces downtime, troubleshooting faults, and immediately identifies for accurate and fast repair and response times. Making informed decisions is easier with vigilant monitoring, as analyzed insights from integrated operational and business data all the cloud-based analytics solution to enlighten operators and managers. No task is left uninvestigated, and identifying prime moments to activate or shut down machines is more accurate and timed with precision. Production line faults are managed and maintained, with Pulse technology allowing for automatic interface creation between the MES and maintenance systems. Plus know when preventative maintenance is need to avoid possible future faults, for uninterrupted production time, or schedule preventative maintenance tasks in advance with data enlightening managers to take proactive measures to leverage uptime. The solution also supports operators and managers with scheduling manufacturing and maintenance activities, machinery placement, shutdown times, customized to your needs.

Discover Added Value:
Production Lines and Machine Building

Where and When The HMI Takes Operations to a New Level of Impressive

System integrators developing, designing and building production lines, experience simplified machine and production line management, with the added value of a powerful synoptic view of operations. Interfacing systems, machinery and devices with the HMI’s real-time graphic display panel delivers a 360-degree view of the entire production line every operator needs, and every production line demands.


Innovative machine builder developing the next line of products controlled by PLCs or RTUs? Looking for just that added touch of technological value and command of your machine that operations demand? Leverage your offering with an HMI solution that’s just as innovative as your product, with user-friendly, visually engaging and sleek dashboards providing a robust operator panel with graphics and synoptics that pain the perfect picture to ensure operating your machine is easy and surpasses all expectations for user experience.

Pulse™ MES is the only system that offers this diverse collection of features:

Unmatched Connectivity

If there’s a niche Afcon SWS has covered, it’s connectivity, as the Pulse MES offers ease of connection to vast range of equipment, machines and data sources. Gain quick and efficient connection to machines, industrial controllers, various sensors, electrical panels, existing control systems and various enterprise software.

Visualized Insight & Dashboards

Visualize everything from room and production line control with synoptic views using the advanced HMI, alongside the solution’s rich media library for design and custom development options. View operational data with dashboards and visuals using the solution’s display generator for unlimited data representation and display options.  side by side comparison of real-time or historical data from various locations and production lines, or even in parallel to industry standards and benchmarks understand operations with greater insight and the power of knowledge.

Operational Efficiency Made Easy

MES functionality is driven by ongoing analysis of data from production equipment and machinery, blended with data from manufacturing plans and work orders. Real-time calculation is made possible by bringing all data factors together, and analyzed data presents game-changing KPIs, such as Throughput, OEE (Overall equipment Efficiency), setup time, downtime, losses and more.

Interface and Integrate Existing Systems & Data

MES systems function somewhere in between production control and information collection systems, along with management and planning systems for organizational resources. Interfacing existing ERP systems, (such as SAP, Priority, MS Dynamics, and other) allows seamless and easy access to production data and guidelines, insight on inventory and cost, employee and budgetary matters. Plus, the MES solution makes interfacing maintenance or attendance management systems simple and smooth, for a 360-degree view of the operation and smarter decisions for growth.

Accurate Cost Analysis (Managerial Analytics System)

Pulse-MES is only solution that measures and assesses real-time data, translating it into financial metrics and KPIs. While measurement of physical quantities and values ​​is the basis for most MES solutions, Pulse-MES allows its unique managerial analytics module to present financial insights on production costs and depreciation costs, analyzing compliance financial goals and budgets, while comprehensively drilling down into periodic, product and production, departmental and team comparison.

Discover Stronger Security & Solution Value

Where and When Automation & Control Leverage Business Continuity

Production line machine builders, developers and system integrators can all leverage their offering with the MES solution based on Pulse SCADA and the cloud-based analytics solution. While the solution is deployed via an on-prem server, a variety of the modules in Pulse MES solution make use of the capabilities and benefits of cloud-based systems.  Developers acquire advanced cyber security and protection that combines one-way hardware and software, preventing and deterring cyber risks or breaches.

With three decades of expertise in developing solutions for ultimate level control, monitoring and analytics, the MES solution delivers flexibility, modularity and ongoing updates.


How It Works & The Products Providing The Leading HMI

Pulse-MES is suitable for organizations of various sizes and stages of development, ideal for deployment and implementation at every growth phase in the organization.

To learn more about how Pulse MES delivers its unparalleled options and features via the leading SCADA platform, discover products like like Pulse™ Professional, and Pulse™ Enterprise.

For runtime execution on site

For runtime execution on site