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Pulse HMI


HMI – Human Machine Interface Solution

Keep Your Eyes On Operating Machinery For Optimal Uptime
And Your Hands Busy Maximizing Productivity

Operations Never Rest. Neither Does Our HMI.
Your Production and A Seamless User Experience Are Our Priority

What is HMI & Why Is AfconSWS Solution the Best Option for Your Operations?

Designed by Tech & Business Experts to Easily Operate Machines & Systems

Every industrial and manufacturing production line and machinery operator has to think fast, make accurate and informed decisions, and perform. Your quality assurance and productivity depend on the abundance of machinery and systems operating your site with precision, minimal errors, and maximal efficiency. Whether your operation includes production lines and manufacturing machinery, or security and access control systems, complex engineering technology and devices, electrical, lighting, HVAC and elevators, and even water control systems, no operation is too intricate and sophisticated for our HMI to handle. Integrate this turnkey and fundamental solution into the technology and systems that operate machinery, and you can focus on operational growth, gain speed, and agility.

Seamlessly operate the entire operation’s machinery and production lines with our user-friendly and powerful HMI solution. The tool provides an unmatched user experience for interfacing devices and machines easily, maximizing the value of each employee and their time. The solution’s real-time graphic control panels provide operators and managers peace of mind, powering simple access and control of machines and systems. With synoptic graphic displays of your shop floor, production line or machinery layout, gain full control of operational machinery. Navigate from one room, device, machine, and system to the next, for optimal response times and maximal uptime.

Why You Need It:
The Ultimate HMI Developed To Heighten Productivity

Designed for Your Operational Needs & Growth

Our HMI equips on-site staff with the critical information and seamless ability to operate machinery, ensuring productivity, while leveraging efficiency. Notifications keep operators on their toes, aware of technical errors, required action, and all with synoptic views of the full operation in one place. Managers, watch operations transform into a powerhouse production, as you learn to identify key factors contributing to setbacks and successes. Understand how to address and repair concerns with the right decisions and action.

Sleek synoptic views of your operational systems deliver a new vision of your entire operation, while machinery, device and system activity are clearly visualized. Fundament to uptime and quality assurance, the HMI provides an unparalleled user experience, allowing operators to easily manage processes in one centralized dashboard. Drill down into the details of system components that are critical to keeping operations smooth, safe, and successful. Understand every aspect of your operational technology and machinery that are essential to your operational productivity, while managing them both with ease is yours with the tried, tested and successful integrated HMI solution.

Discover Added Value: Production Lines and Machine Building

Where and When The HMI Takes Operations to a New Level of Impressive

System integrators developing, designing and building production lines, experience simplified machine and production line management, with the added value of a powerful synoptic view of operations. Interfacing systems, machinery and devices with the HMI’s real-time graphic display panel delivers a 360-degree view of the entire production line every operator needs, and every production line demands.


Innovative machine builder developing the next line of products controlled by PLCs or RTUs? Looking for just that added touch of technological value and command of your machine that operations demand? Leverage your offering with an HMI solution that’s just as innovative as your product, with user-friendly, visually engaging and sleek dashboards providing a robust operator panel with graphics and synoptics that pain the perfect picture to ensure operating your machine is easy and surpasses all expectations for user experience.

How It Works & The Products Providing The Leading HMI

Can’t wait to get your hands on the leading technology changing operators’ user experience, ease of handling, and maximizing growth?

Experience seamless production line, machinery and device operation, interfacing each of them with a user experience that drives operational productivity and efficiency.

Our advanced HMI solution is used by diverse industrial and manufacturing organizations and operations, are based on products like Pulse™ Professional, and other Pulse™ products.

For runtime execution on site

For runtime execution on site