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Pulse BMS™

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Pulse BMS

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Designed by Tech & Business Experts
Developed for The Best Building Management System to Meet Operational Needs

Office buildings, Healthcare facilities, academic and medical institutions, small to large industrial production and manufacturing companies, and those in sensitive and complex verticals demand maximal uptime and operational efficiency. Hospitals, universities, airports, border control checkpoints, and military bases, and other operations can run with multiple buildings, locations, complex technology systems, electro mechanical systems and devices. Commercial sites and diverse facilities demand control, monitoring and understanding of operations to ensure safety, lowered cost, and sustainable growth. With the amount of protocols, scripts and recipes required for a solution to ensure the entire operation flows efficiently, there’s without question a demand for one tool that centralizes the entire building management process.

Why You Need It:

BMS Developed To Reduce Cost & Leverage Scalable & Sustainable Growth

Designed for Single or Multi-Site Building Management

Single and multi-site operations can require heavy amounts of electro mechanical  systems, as well as security and access control monitoring and automation systems. In hospitals, specific medical units may even require special automated management. As an example, a department can use Pulse BMS solution as the platform to manage water care with the SCADA solution automating machine operation, addressing the unique water treatment process required for kidney dialysis.

Running operations of this nature or sensitivity requires vigilant supervision. Most times they also demand mass amounts of resources, from equipment, to devices, and systems, to manpower, maintenance and standard to niche-specific expenses. The BMS solution can track and monitor movement and location of machinery, devices, and inventory, extending lifetime value and security of on-site property, while also supervising staff activity and performance.

Accessible via Pulse SCADA, the BMS solution is easily integrated with existing systems and infrastructure, with speedy deployment and adoption. The solution monitors electro-mechanical and engineering functions of equipment and systems in all buildings and locations, generating mass amounts of operational data, stored for later analysis with Pulse cloud-based Business Intelligence. With fact at the foundation for understanding and creating change to improve facility building management, lowering cost and leveraging performance is faster, more precise and drives game-changing results.

Pulse BMS™ is suitable for

Hospitals and healthcare centers
Shopping centers
Military facilities
International airports
Courts of law
Office buildings
Parking lots
Industrial plants
Governmental facilities
Financial institutions
University campuses

Discover The Ideal BMS for Lowered Cost & Leveraged Growth

Where and When The BMS Creates Transformative Results

Cost-Effectively Monitoring, Tracking & Evaluating Operations

Imagine hospitals employing maintenance, medical and business staff without a system holistically monitoring the entire procedure, with costly equipment moving from location to location with zero knowledge of inventory. Various additional verticals employ similar technologies and systems, and without a solution overseeing, managing, monitoring and controlling processes, time, funds and performance suffer.

The BMS platform monitors all operations and collects data that becomes transformative insights of single or multi-site operations. With automation, data tracking and integrated data analysis, gain business continuity and scalability, plus the perfect centralized solution to understand operations from end to end. Learn more about staff engagement with devices and systems, understand technological and manpower performance, activity and inventory all in one tool.

For system integrators and developers looking to leverage their offering with a tested, tried and advanced BMS, the solution offers and ideal platform, with simple and quick deployment, and a vast range of feature and design options.

How It Works:
Products Providing The BMS Solution

Whether a single or multi-site, complex or robust, industrial operations use the scalable BMS for managing all procedures and processes with automation. Paired with the power of cloud-based analytics, and understand how to reduce cost, leverage uptime and drive performance with critical KPIs, metrics and data drilldowns, and the insight to make the right decisions for the future.

Pulse™ BMS solution is based on products like Pulse™ Professional and Pulse™ Enterprise. Discover how the solution can take your offering to the next level, or how it can manage your operation from end to end.

For runtime execution on site

For runtime execution on site