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Pulse™ SCADA

Performance, Power, Monitoring & Control
Automation Maximizes Productivity & Growth

Business Has Its Ups and Downs.
Our Goal Is To Keep Yours Up & Running With No Hassles
Leverage Uptime with Automation, Collect Critical Data For Predictive Analysis

Redefining Business As Usual.

What is SCADA & Why The Solution
is the Best Option for You?

Designed by Tech & Business Experts 

Developed for Maximal Control of Operations with Automation

Small to large scale operations can blend a complex and diverse range of single-server to multi-server sites or locations, plus a variety of electro-mechanical systems, sensors, operational machinery, devices, security, access control and HVAC systems, all running at the same time. Plus, infinite communication protocols, processes and critical scripts that run your operation must play their part and flow with zero interruptions to ensure maximal uptime.

Streamline the entire operation and gain full performance power with the SCADA solution monitoring and controlling your operation with automation. Take productivity a step up, with the ingenuity of scripts, workflows and recipes driving all processes with automation, while raw operational data is collected and processed in real time, stored for predictive analysis and performance evaluation. The SCADA solution ensures cost-effective control of your processes, generating and storing information to optimize procedures using data-driven workflow automation.

The SCADA solution connects to each system and device, centralizing workflows, protocols and processes. With a 360-degree view of each event and its handlings, know the precise action required to ensure business as usual.

Some turnkey features transforming operations with the SCADA include:

Custom UI & UX development

so all your dream platform possibilities and ideas can come to life with our SCADA at your solution’s core. The SCADA platform empowers system integrators, developers and distributors with endless possibilities.

Real-Time alert automation

for quick & informed response times and action 24/7. Remote or on-site, operators stay informed for quality assurance, safety and productivity around the clock.

Advanced Event Manager

provides step by step guidance and instructional support to ensure all events are addressed optimally. Whether operating a room, device or system, handling events with predefined terms and automated guidance can be a lifesaver and maintain uptime.

Automation manages operations

with scripts, workflow process rules, and recipes, so your operation runs smoothly & with precision.

User permissions defined and enforced

PulseTM-MES is only solution that measures and assesses real-time data, translating it into financial metrics and KPIs. While measurement of physical quantities and values ​​is the basis for most MES solutions, PulseTM-MES allows its unique managerial analytics module to present financial insights on production costs and depreciation costs, analyzing compliance financial goals and budgets, while comprehensively drilling down into periodic, product and production, departmental and team comparison.

Why You Need It:

The SCADA Solution Developed To Be the Ultimate System of Systems

Designed with your business, and not only your operations in mind


With this vendor-independent SCADA solution’s robust connectivity, all vendor systems are brought together in one place, while each device, machine and room is individually controlled with the Human Machine Interface tool (HMI). HMI Dashboards allow operators to interface machines, devices and production lines, with intricate synoptic views, visualized for an unparalleled user experience. Hundreds of communication protocols run together, as our SCADA ensures each is executed with accuracy, so your operation is at full power and performance. Peace of mind? Try next-level confidence plus zero hassles, with the strength of automation driving protocols and the complete operation using our tried and tested tool.

With every automated workflow, operators in need of assistance to repair or address concerns are provided with clear instructions, guided workflows to implement, and step by step assistance in handling events. Response times are not only faster than ever before, but also accurate action to optimize business continuity is easily accessible with the agile and scalable SCADA solution.

No part of your operation is left unturned, as the SCADA monitors and controls each location in one holistic solution. Every step, script, and second of your operation is recorded, generating and storing valuable raw operational data. Yes, our SCADA generates and stores vast amounts of real-time and historical raw data regarding your operation, priceless for future analysis that offers massive insight into achieving measurable business growth.

Discover The Essence of Operational Power & Progress with Automation

Where and When The SCADA Solution Takes Control of Operations

Opening Doors To Growth Potential

When it comes to the most sensitive or complex operations, this SCADA’s got you covered yet again, as vigilant monitoring of critical operational systems, devices and machinery generate maximal uninterrupted performance. Keep cost low, business bottom line growing and uptime at optimal levels. This SCADA solution equips you with the tools for business growth, as automation drives processes and protocols, and operators gain control and support every step of the way.

Our SCADA has been adopted and integrated into systems of:

• Smart buildings and campuses
• Manufacturing plants and production lines
• Healthcare facilities and hospitals
• Border control & homeland security
• Airports, harbours, import/export ports and sites

System integrators can develop the solution of their dreams with this SCADA solution’s developer options offering endless features. Plus, gain all the powerful out of the box SCADA options the tool offers as the foundation or integral element to your technology. Distributors, resellers, OEMs and target industries and verticals adopting the solution benefit from technology that offers genuine value to operations, saving overhead, expenses, minimizing cost, and truly maximizing growth.

How It Works: The Products Providing The SCADA Solution 

Intrigued by the control and performance power the SCADA solution offers and want see it in action? See the world of control your operations gain, from end to end.

Experience real-time monitoring and alerts, automated workflows, scripts and recipes driving every angle of the processes, production and operations. Get the peace of mind most industrial, complex, and even sensitive operations need and want.

PulseTM advanced SCADA solution is based on products like PulseTM Professional, and PulseTM Enterprise.

Reach out to us if you’re ready to integrate our sophisticated SCADA platform into your technology.

For runtime execution on site

For runtime execution on site