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BMS: Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals have been critical to social order and public health for centuries, and their demand and development in today’s market is growing. As medical sciences and research advance, new challenges arise, with automation and BMS systems creating the safety net for secure and regulated care of patients and facilities. Health care facilities with large campuses maintain dozens of buildings, hundreds of departments, and thousands of medical devices, and vast machinery. Hospitals must pay careful attention to temperature levels in rooms and facilities, and the undying need to maintain maximal sterility.

To understand operational efficiency, staff productivity, rule and regulation observance, and ultimately cost of operations versus the facility’s ROI, hospitals rely on analyzing raw data integrated with financial data for KPIs and metrics. This inherently means that hospitals are increasingly using BMS systems to leverage safety, productivity and maintain profitability, automating various aspects of their robust operations.

How it Works: PulseTM SCADA for Hospitals – The Ideal BMS, Paired With Business Intelligence

With departments in multiple disciplines and advanced medical machinery and devices, each building in a hospital generates power and electrical consumption data, alongside lighting, HVAC and access control system information. Using PulseTM SCADA as a platform for a BMS application, hospitals control diverse building and electro-mechanical systems, carefully monitoring facility engineering and mechanics. The raw data generated in controlling and managing operations with PulseTM SCADA provides the source for key insights derived by our cloud-based analytics solution.

With Pulse CloudTM, Business Intelligence clarifies fact versus fiction of a hospital’s facility operational and maintenance costs, revealing real cost, drilling down as deep as cost per department or floor, per patient or the facility overall. Hospitals can evaluate their overhead and costs with precision, while also leveraging safety, public health and operational efficiency.

Unique Benefits: Hospital BMS Solution

SCADA Meets BI For A Safer, Healthier & Cost-Effective Facility

In addition to the required functionality from BMS solutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities have unique requirements.  

Key benefits PulseTM SCADA offers as a foundational platform for a BMS in hospitals include, but certainly are not limited to:

Maximizing Lifetime Value of Machinery with Asset Management

Hospitals are equipped with extensive varieties of costly machinery and medical devices, from X-rays and MRIs, to laboratory testing devices, equipment for monitoring health, and the list goes on. Some devices are mobile and circulate throughout various buildings and departments as needed. PulseTM SCADA can be connected to the broad range of machinery and devices within the facility, tracking location, and collecting data regarding usage. Hospitals maximize lifetime value of equipment, optimizing security of inventory in monitoring location, with Pulse CloudTM providing the insights on device and machinery inventory, security and usage to make informed decisions on operations.

Smart Enough to Manage Water Systems for Kidney Dialysis

PulseTM SCADA solutions’ automation and machine learning technology can be used to pair up to monitor and control complex water filtration and maintenance systems required for kidney dialysis to treat patients with diabetes. Hospitals can benefit from department or treatment centric monitoring and control, all managed with one system. With the entire facility managed by one SCADA solution, a hospital can gain better control of operations, along with a truly deep and insightful understanding of its operational setbacks and achievements. With collected raw SCADA data integrated with data from other sources analyzed our Business Intelligence solution, hospitals can evaluate budget allocation, user permissions and power consumption and control of machinery, which could mean saving a life – with our Pulse TM.

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