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National Security Enforced with Our PulseTM – SCADA & Data Leverage Border Control Efficiency

Today’s political climate and world health conditions demand tightly enforced national security on neighboring borders. Countries across the world enforce strict border control regulation with advanced perimeter protection using smart fences, plus security camera systems monitor surrounding fences for hundreds of kilometers, all to deter intrusions or attempts at all hours of the day. The complexity of 24/7 security monitoring for national borders involves dozens to hundreds of devices, a range of vendor systems for each, and ensuring systems function seamlessly is critical to national security levels.

How it Works: PulseTM Manages Border Control With Automation

Leveraging National Security with SCADA & Analytics That Mean Business

With the various technologies and intricacies of hardware and devices required to maintain maximal border control and security, a vast number of sensors and devices from a range of vendors can connect to PulseTM for our SCADA to monitor overall operational performance while automating control. Analyzing the raw data from our SCADA integrated with additional border control system data, our cloud-based analytics solution, Pulse CloudTM, provides border officials and national security decision makers with deep insight on how strengthen enforcement of security regulations cost-effectively.

Technical glitches and operational setbacks that interrupt security monitoring could impact border and national security, with the potential to put it at greater risk with everything from camera to fencing malfunctions, or security official performance and regulation observance. Identifying how to optimize procedures to help enforce security further requires analysis of all systems working collaboratively, controlled and automated with our SCADA, with insights on performance that make all the difference generated by our cloud-based Business Intelligence solution.

Unique Benefits: Leveraging National Security with PulseTM

Control, Monitor & Understand On-site & Perimeter Protection of National Border

Some key benefits PulseTM offers to border control include but are not limited to:

  • PulseTM SCADA offers on-screen monitoring, integrating maps with GIS modules, zoning in on every event detected with its user-friendly zoom function. On-site security camera systems and devices can be set to precise location coordinates and can be viewed on control room monitors.
  • PulseTM  SCADA’s unique Event-Manager automates notifications keeping staff alert, along with automating and guiding operators to follow required procedures, and even dispatching forces, for optimal responses times and security levels. Let Pulse CloudTM evaluate procedures by processing your border control data with our SCADA at the core of analysis, for deep insights, metrics, and KPIs that help enforce border control and security from end to end.

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