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SCADA That Means Business

Everyone’s always talking about the need for increased uptime.
The difference is we’re not all talk.

Our solution does all the dirty work of a robust SCADA solution, cost-effectively monitoring and controlling operations, while carefully collecting priceless data to help drive your business productivity with insightful decision-making. Pulse Professional™ is not just another SCADA solution. This vendor-independent software seamlessly connects to infinite sensors, devices and technology to redefine the meaning of smooth operations, with no communication protocol too big a challenge to overcome, supporting hundreds across diverse industries and verticals.

Agility and scalability make Pulse Professional™ the ideal solution for everything from small to large-scale single-server sites. Visualize a new understanding of operations for your enterprise with dashboards designed to make data easy to understand, and insights easy to apply. If the secret to success is smart decision-making, we’ve got the answers.

Pulse Professional™ goes beyond the basics of SCADA’s customary notification and event management, with advanced conditional automation, audit trail management, staff monitoring abilities, and so much more. Simple deployment with automated device detection, Pulse Professional™ collects raw operational data, processes it, and then takes action with powerful workflow automation.  And with the latest Business Intelligence technology making sense of your operational data, you can make better decisions with insights that drive growth. Simple to navigate, supporting multiple users in one centralized, and much-more-than SCADA system, Pulse Professional delivers business continuity with the power of automation and intelligence.

The Power of Pulse ProfessionalTM Paired
With Cloud Computing

Unlock The True Potential of Your SCADA Solution With Game-changing Data

What Does Taking You SCADA “To The Next Level” Actually Mean?

With Pulse Professional paired with Pulse Cloud, you get all the control and leveraged efficiency, productivity and uptime our sophisticated SCADA delivers, plus exponentially heightened growth potential with our touch of Business Intelligence. Now, you can couple control and concrete insights for genuinely informed decision making, the smart way to success.

SCADA for Smarter Decision Making

Get Limitless Connectivity & Control

Gain Instantly Improved Performance & Productivity

Our SCADA knows no limits meeting the needs of dozens of industries and verticals, while maintaining optimal security standards for sharing and exchanging data, (OPC included). Pulse ProfessionalTM provides a reliable, robust solution with hundreds of communication protocols supporting countless industry-standard control systems to enforce safety & heighten productivity.

Design & Develop Custom UI & UX

Transforming Vision into Powerful Visuals

Pulse ProfessionalTM provides the freedom to design & experience your SCADA with a tailormade UI with infinite advanced visualization options. Create custom dashboards with a rich library of the latest static & dynamic objects, synoptics views and more, for a visually engaging, unmatched user experience.

Real-Time Alert Automation

Optimal Response Times & Action

Experience response times to critical & routine events with Pulse ProfessionalTM’s powerful alert automation management. Keep operations safe and under control 24/7, with actions triggered by predefined custom conditions, fine-tuned to operational needs.

Putting You In Control of Events

Step By Step User Event Management & Support

Pulse ProfessionalTM not only logs and tracks each event managed by every user, but it guides you through the event management process with a step by step walk through of the process. Our SCADA offers instructional support and guidance with a rich media resources to help with each step required, for greater operational efficiency with traceability.

Prescheduled or Triggered Automation

Save Time & Focus on Priorities

Time is money. Whether operating control systems on-site or managing budgets and growth at corporate headquarters, every member of the organization has responsibilities that demand their time, attention or hands-on expertise. Experience the freedom to focus on what matters most and leverage productivity, with Pulse Professional managing complex operations using automation via scripts, work flow process rules and recipes. Plus automate calendar management & scheduled operations around the clock.

Precise User Permissions & Accessibility

Your Needs & Security Matter Most

SCADA that means business starts with enforcing a safe, customized user experience with clearly defined permissions for all members of the organization – on-site or in corporate offices. Pulse ProfessionalTM‘s custom HMI, audit trail and user activity tracking ensure discretion and safety of data, and overall operations.

360-Degree Data Collection
For Business Continuity & Growth

Understanding Your Operations for Ongoing Progress & Better Results

Business development, operational growth and better results are all fruitful byproducts of smart decision-making. With Pulse ProfessionalTM, make each decision wisely and with insight, as our solution collects, stores and records everything from raw data, to information about alerts, events, and user activity. Reference audit trails and take steps to improve operations with each insight attained from the data our SCADA collects.

Gain Insight Anywhere, Anytime:
Data, Dashboards & Reporting

Delivering The Right Data at The Right Time

Gain a deeper understanding of operations and progress with automatically generated push reports, combined with visually engaging dashboards with concrete KPIs and insights to help transform data into applicable knowledge for better, faster and stronger decision-making. Get reports delivered on-site or to any mobile device via email, WhatsApp, SMS, and stay informed 24/7.

Intuitive Developer Environment
For Infinite SCADA Possibilities

Create A Custom SCADA Application, Fit Just for Your Needs

Develop the SCADA application of your dreams with the flexibility to design your solution with the code, business logic, visuals, tools, plus UI & UX features and options ideal for your operation and project.  See your SCADA come to life with our developer and design templates, for quick and efficient implementation of traditional systems and applications.