Pulse 2020 is Now Available

10 June, 2020

Recently, Afcon Software Solutions has successfully implemented a number of changes and engaged in the design and development of its new product line and services for years to come and in the process of expanding its international and local operations.

Pulse 2020 is the first product from the Pulse Suite™ of products scheduled for release towards the end of this year (in the last quarter of 2020). Pulse Suite™ is a suite of products designed to provide operational and management levels in organizations, tools for making better decisions by presenting available, reliable, and relevant information. Extensive knowledge and experience has been applied to the development of Pulse Suite™ products that are an innovative generation of Pulse monitoring and control software and its predecessor P-CIM offered to our customers worldwide for about three decades.

Pulse 2020 released today, incorporates a number of internal infrastructure enhancements and “under the hood” improvements required to facilitate the interface with other Pulse Suite™ products whose primary purpose is transforming data into valuable knowledge. Pulse 2020 also includes significant enhancements to the setup process, user interface improvements (Pulse‘s powerful graphics engine), graphic object updates, a new cliparts library that allows customers to build innovative and up-to-date applications, and various bug fixes.

Afcon Software Solutions’ Customer Success and Professional Services departments are being prepared to expand the product portfolio in both the technical support area, the establishment of a new training set, including preparation of online courses and assistance in application development and system deployment. The company’s service and support department is available Sundays-Thursdays during normal business hours and offers various options for purchasing extended services.

As part of enhancing and updating the service and support policy, Pulse 2020 purchasers and upgraders to this version will receive 12 months of free service (normal operation hours) and upgrades. Pulse 2021 release, which is expected to be launched towards the end of this year, will include many additional features and enhancements, including expanding device and protocol support, external systems interfaces to expand management capabilities and information integration, and more. Therefore, purchasers of the Pulse 2020 version and upgraders to this version will be eligible to upgrade to the Pulse 2021 version at no additional charge.

Pulse Suite™ products are designed to enable integration of data from various systems and sources and transform them into valuable knowledge and information, alongside providing security and cyber protection solutions for these systems. These capabilities include built-in connectivity to IoT systems and cloud-based systems, the ability to implement cloud-based solutions, and the ability to analyze and generate business and operational insights through artificial intelligence engines. Pulse 2020 is the first version of the first product within this innovative series.

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Pulse 2020 is Now Available

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