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PULSE™ Selected for Building Management Project in Disco Supermarket chain in Argentina

AFCON solution is used by XONET Automation as part of a control and monitoring system for Disco Supermarket chain.

Disco ( is fully owned by Cencosud S.A., a leading company in food distribution, retail chain, and commercial centers in South America. It is a leading supermarket chain in Argentina with over 220 stores working under the names of Disco, Super Vea and Americanos.

AFCON PULSETM™ SCADA networked stations, installed in supermarkets throughout the chain, supervise and control a vast array of PLCs, both from Schneider and from other manufacturers. The PLCs collect data from dozens of refrigerators located in each store, as well as controlling the central ventilation and air-conditioning. The PLCs also monitor the fire detectors and control lighting in the stores.

AFCON PULSETM™ SCADA software replaced older SCADA systems (both from AFCON and other suppliers) in addition to adding new ones in some stores. The software greatly improved maintenance work throughout the DISCO chain by providing technical teams with accurate and up-to- date data.

DISCO mobile maintenance teams service a group of stores in a certain area. To keep the teams updated with the current situation, status notifications are sent to the teams, enabling them to prioritize their work schedules based on changing situations and to perform secured actions from their mobile devices.

The PULSETM Mobile application is best suited for this purpose. PULSETM Mobile is an application designed to extend the monitoring and control of a PULSETM project over the mobile network to your standard smartphone or Tablet. The application gives operators monitoring and control of alarms and data. This gives every PULSETM operator and manager the ability to continuously monitor and control a project from any location, at any time.


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