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What is a Building Management System?

27 May, 2021

Did you know that 9% of world energy is controlled by Building Management Systems?

A Building Management System (BMS) is a system installed in buildings to monitor equipment like air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, power systems, and more. These systems usually come in the form of a computer that controls the BMS software. The system interacts with the equipment by using a control network. The BMS is able to automatically control equipment with one centralized system, allowing it to efficiently ensure your equipment is functioning in a safe and optimal manner.

How Does It Work?

Software technologies were created in the 1960s. Over time, the IT infrastructure added layers of communication protocols, networks, and controls. Now BMS has evolved into a series of discordant elements and architectures. The goal is to provide access to all software developers, and the system is designed to streamline the supervision of all vendor systems.

Basic Functions of BMS

  • Offers information on building functions such as summaries, displays, and reports on control functions
  • Manages and detects alarm and several other conditions
  • Reports system functions, devices, and communication networks

Major Subsystems BMS Controls

  • Technical Steam System
    • If the pressure or temperature falls below the regular level, the BMS should trigger an alarm that warns that there is an issue with the quality of the product
  • Dust Collection System
    • BMS monitors the performance of this system, and it will identify early if something requires maintenance
  • Chilled Water System
    • BMS supervises water temperature control or pump control to ensure proper distribution
  • HVAC System
    • An alarm is triggered if the pressure, humidity, duct temperature, or exhaust temperature value exceeds its limits, which BMS can manage. 
  • Sprinkler System
    • This is mainly for fire safety
  • Hot Water System
    • BMS can monitor temperature and pump control to make sure hot water is properly distributed
  • Electrical Monitoring System
    • The BMS can monitor the used electrical power and the state of electrical switches.


What Can Building Management Systems Help With?

Building Management Systems are essential to install in buildings in order to regulate their equipment. BMS is able to control equipment that makes up 40% of a building’s energy use, and 70% if you include lighting. This system is especially important in buildings that have a high energy use because there is a large quantity and variety of equipment that needs to be regulated. With BMS, you will save money and energy use, your equipment will last longer, and your systems will run more smoothly. 

Managing Facilities

The first thing BMS can help with is managing facilities. By helping facility managers monitor systems remotely, it can lower maintenance costs significantly. Facility management integrates people, places, and processes with the hopes of improving the quality of life and productivity of a business. 

Providing Comfort

BMS can also help provide comfort. Have you ever been sweating or freezing in your room? Creating a software solution can fix BMS deficiencies that cause frustration over temperature levels. Reasonably priced BMS software solutions will change people’s lives and improve both employee and customer satisfaction. 

scada computer screen

Saving Energy

BMS is a huge energy saver too. By positioning smart building applications, it saves 30% of the building industry energy exhaustion.


Demand Response 

Lastly, it can develop a demand response software solution that delivers no disturbance of operation. 


Why Choose Pulse BMS? 

With many different protocols, there is a need for one system that centralizes and streamlines the whole process of building management. Pulse BMS can easily integrate with other systems and offers fast deployment. It is suitable for a wide variety of facilities including hospitals, healthcare centers, hotels, airports, university campuses, government and military facilities, shopping centers, courts of law, office buildings, and more. 

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